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newsletter july 2020

Dear readers,

Producing in a pandemic: the TV world has also been unexpectedly affected by COVID-19 and has been facing unprecedented challenges. The significant global economic crisis is having a major impact on the entertainment sector. Wherever you are, businesspeople, employees and creatives are very concerned about the situation. When it comes to hoping for a rapid improvement in the situation and a return to the day-to-day lives we are used to, people are having their patience tested.

Fortunately, there has been lots to do for nobeo GmbH in the field of studio production and post-production, whilst the area of outside broadcasting has been brought to a complete standstill. In addition to our ‘long runners’ and the latest everyday RTL formats, a few #stayathome productions have enriched our portfolio during the acute phase of the coronavirus outbreak. The TV shows took place without an audience and in compliance with strict health requirements for the team which was involved, of course. The result was a successful collaboration between everyone who was involved: they formed a team which developed creative and useful ideas, thus contributing to the implementation of the measures.

Most importantly, I would like to thank our employees and partners!

Since mid-June, some long-awaited and cautious glimmers of hope have been appearing on the horizon. The first productions are filling our studios with audience members again. Finally! You can find some information about how this works in this info letter. We would also be happy to discuss this with you and provide you with answers in the course of an individual conversation, and we are a reliable partner when it comes to producing under the ‘safest-possible’ and best-possible conditions with an audience.

In times in which people have to deliberately avoid each other, they also deliberately pay more attention to each other again: this is something we have learnt here at nobeo in recent months. It is something which facilitates more attentive cooperation and something we aim to continue with in the long term.

In connection with this: make sure that you look after yourself and we would like to wish you all the best for your health.

Best wishes,
Stefan Hoff

update nobeo

Our own work: COVID-19 protective measures for productions with an audience

Major TV shows are our everyday business but we have, of course, been forced to rethink our routine production processes, whether in the studio or in the neighbouring premises, as well as in terms of direction or post-production. The comprehensive hygiene and infection prevention measures at nobeo GmbH are based on the Coronavirus Protection Regulation (CoronaSchVO) in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia in the relevant valid and up-to-date version.

After the loosening of the coronavirus protective measures by the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia, it is now permissible again to have an audience present at TV shows subject to conditions. Since the audience is, in principle, in the domain of the producer, the producer is responsible for the implementation of the relevant necessary measures to ensure the safety of the audience members. nobeo is, of course, dedicated to supporting producers with the implementation of the protective measures as much as possible because we also care deeply about protecting the audience and ensuring our studio operates safely.

Our support does not just include the practical aspects at the premises but primarily also the expertise with regard to designing a detailed hygiene and infection prevention concept. It must be possible to present this concept to the authorities for verification at any time on request. With more than 100 audience members, a concept of this kind must also be submitted to the Rhein-Erft lower health authority for approval.

The generous infrastructure at our site and our advanced air-conditioning technology make a significant contribution to a sense of safety. All nobeo studios and foyers are equipped with ventilation and air-conditioning systems. In addition to heating and cooling, these systems also ensure a permanent air supply and air extraction, as well as air filtration. Within the framework of the regular checks of the systems, a system capacity significantly higher than that required by law was certified in May 2020. As such, permanent air exchange is ensured in the premises.

update productions

Full studios, unusually empty seats. Despite not having an audience, lots was happening in front of our cameras. For example, i&u TV Produktion GmbH continued to produce its successful formats ‘stern TV’ and ‘The ultimative Chart Show’ (Die ultimative Chart Show) in our studios. In addition, the premiere of the live shows of ‘Pocher - dangerously honest' (Pocher – gefährlich ehrlich) and three live versions of ‘For they don't know what's going to happen - The Jauch-Gottschalk-Schöneberger Show' (Denn sie wissen nicht was passiert – Die Jauch, Gottschalk, Schöneberger-Show) were also produced. The latter format was recently awarded the German Television Award, and we’d like to congratulate the team on this success!

In Studio 7, Endemol Shine Germany also worked on ensuring a fresh supply of the shows ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?' (Wer wird Millionär?) and, occasionally, ‘The Millions Show' (Die Millionenshow). For all of these formats, it was necessary to adapt the working processes of the required technical staff to the latest safety conditions and to coordinate the processes such that the viewers were able to enjoy the quality they were used to on their screens. This was also the case with both daily RTL formats 'Kitsch or Cash' (Kitsch oder Kasse) by Banijay Productions Germany and the talk show ‘Marco Schreyl’ by filmpool entertainment.

update outside boradcast

For top quality: TÜV-Rheinland provides certification for outside broadcasting company

In the future, the outside broadcasting companies which belong to the Verband Technischer Betriebe für Film & Fernsehen (VTFF) will prove their competence and performance with the ‘Proven service quality' (Geprüfte Servicequalität) certificate recently awarded by TÜV Rheinland. Thanks to additional, precisely defined outside broadcasting standards, customers get the highest possible level of safety, reliability and transparency throughout the entire order process.

The members of the VTFF see the TÜV seal for ten technical outside broadcasting companies, including nobeo GmbH, which has been awarded for the first time and is valid from June 2020 until the end of May 2023, as a clear commitment they are making. The big industry players are putting themselves to the test together and in a proactive manner in order to continue to optimise their service chains for the customer and to stand out thanks to efficient organisational and production processes, as well as innovative technology. These prominent and tangible signs of quality predominantly serve as a reliable risk minimisation tool for buyers at broadcasting companies, TV production companies or industrial companies.

From now on, the service objectives defined by the VTFF will be reviewed by TÜV Rheinland in the course of annual audits and, in addition to the aforementioned areas, they will also include legal matters, finance and insurance, technical and personal investments, occupational safety and health and safety at work, as well as a high standard of employee qualification. You can view the full press release here.

update Euro Media Group

The Euro Media Group is strengthening its activities in Italy with the acquisition of Infront Centro Produzione. The company will operate under the name of 3zero2 Studios in the future. Infront Centro Produzione, which has its registered office in Milan, has been operating five studios to date at which major sport and entertainment shows such as ‘X-Factor’, ‘Italia's got talent’, ‘Hell's kitchen’ and ‘Masterchef’ are produced. The acquisition supports the EMG’s strategy of consolidating its business in the highly fragmented Italian market and expanding the range when it comes to production capacities and services. The EMG will utilise the experience and specialist knowledge of the current team in order to serve Italian and international customers with their IP and remote broadcasting solutions at the highest standard.

FUNFACTnobeo - Discover the undiscovered!
‘I finally had time to try new things!’ How many times have you heard people say that or something similar in recent months or have you even said the same thing yourself? Whilst people were staying at home, they engaged with topics or commitments that had been forgotten for a long time or had never even been discovered or noticed. Our colleague from Building Services, Marc Metz, had this experience too. He has been more familiar with the nobeo premises than anyone else for over 21 years. Really. During a tour of the premises for the purpose of creating a hygiene concept, a door opened for Marc that he had never noticed before, even though he is always working in various locations all over our site. He entered a room he had never set foot in before.

Unopened doors that provide a gateway to new experiences – let’s use this example ... our lesson from the coronavirus era should be that we need to explore entirely new paths sometimes. Who knows what good things we might find?




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