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newsletter april 2020

Dear reader,

in light of the global health situation, people's thirst for informational media has become almost insatiable. When the chancellor speaks, 24 million viewers tune in. Innumerable special programmes are dissecting every detail of the corona pandemic and communicating a very important message to the people persevering within their four walls: "We are here for you.” Television has become a lifeline in these times of crisis – not only as entertainment to stave off boredom, but also as a connection to life beyond the front door.

And that, to me, is the current strength of linear TV. Direct communication and the closeness people need right now is something only classic television can offer. It acts spontaneously, directly, immediately. Information and entertainment, all in one. Even with programmes that serve purely as distractions, the message is: "We’re not giving up, we’re carrying on."

Is there opportunity in every crisis? The global economy is certainly facing challenges that will keep us busy for many years to come. But we can also reflect on what the media industry is capable of: leaving familiar paths and embarking on new journeys to meet the ever-changing needs of viewers. It is in times of crisis that television is crucial to build these bridges. To provide closeness, knowledge, information and entertainment, and to give support. Let us take this to heart in our future work efforts and show some care – to ourselves, to others, and to the quality of our programmes.

Please stay safe and healthy,

Best regards,

Stefan Hoff and the nobeo team

update nobeo

Of course the current, ubiquitous efforts to protect peoples’ health, especially the working population, have also brought about some changes at nobeo. In order to ensure the safety of our producers, protagonists, and our own team, we have taken extensive protective measures. This means production operations can continue in accordance with the general guidelines of the federal government and the state of North-Rhine Westphalia. In addition to intensive education on hygiene regulations, adherence to the currently recommended minimum distancing to other people, additional options for contact-free hand disinfection, extended cleaning and disinfection cycles of all surfaces in production areas, and the adaptation of work processes to prevent physical proximity as far as possible, we have also implemented a number of structural measures. Among other things, our control rooms have been equipped with perspex partitions to allow routine cooperative work in a manageable area. These effective changes have also been implemented in our OB truck, so we can guarantee the health and well-being of all colleagues. In addition, we have specified a maximum number of people for many rooms. For recurring productions, equipment such as headsets, lapel mics, etc. have also been personalised, so individual technical equipment is only used by specific persons.

But at nobeo, we’re not only investing in human beings; environmental protection is also a crucial topic for us. In a conscious effort to contribute to a sustainable interaction with nature, we switched our energy supply to green electricity in April. In the future, we will obtain our electricity from 75% hydroelectric power and 25% wind power. With this, we can live up to our aspiration towards “green” production and environmentally conscious office management. This first conversion will lay the foundation for further, ecologically sustainable changes, which will be implemented on our premises in the course of the coming months.

update live shows

RTL prime time entertainment highlights – live from the nobeo studios! i&u Information und Unterhaltung TV Produktion GmbH & Co. KG put an end to the social media feud between Oliver Pocher and Michael Wendler raging since March with “Pocher v Wendler – Now It’s Serious” (Pocher vs. Wendler - Schluss mit Lustig). The mediators: 30 of our colleagues at nobeo, who set the perfect technical stage for the once-bitter foes to come to a harmonious reconciliation. We also got together again to ask ourselves "Can He Do That? - The Chris Tall Show" (Darf er das? – Die Chris Tall Show), now in its third nobeo-produced season. Constantin Entertainment GmbH relied on our team’s excellent coordination for the five current editions of the format, which were broadcast from the end of January. And ITV Studios Germany GmbH also chose our experienced team of 50 colleagues for "I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! – The Aftermath" (Ich bin ein Star – Holt mich hier raus! – Das Nachspiel). In nobeo's largest production hall, Studio 8, viewers’ last open questions regarding the conflicts among this year's camp residents were finally answered, just a few weeks after the events in the Australian jungle.

update daily & serial

With the February launch of RTL's new afternoon programme offensive, nobeo has two productions to broadcast every working day. The formats "Kitsch or Cash" (Kitsch oder Kasse) from Banijay Productions Germany with host Oliver Geissen, as well as the talk show "Marco Schreyl", produced by filmpool entertainment GmbH, have made themselves at home in our Studios 2 and 3. Our guests not only rely on our team of up to 30 nobeo colleagues, but also use our studios for the postproduction of the respective shows. The current corona pandemic also means that the switch to a live production of "Marco Schreyl" guarantees daily discussions of burning questions raised by the virus. The beginning of the year also brought a boisterous atmosphere to Studio 1, with a guest appearance of "The Voice of Switzerland 2020" at nobeo. Warner Bros. Germany used our studio services for the extensive production on behalf of broadcaster +3, and took the opportunity to set up technically well-equipped sub-sets on our premises for interviews with the talented singers, as well as their families and friends.

update outside production

When exhibition halls are not allowed to open, digital channels are needed to delight potential buyers and sellers with the latest products. The Geneva Motor Show, for instance, had to keep its doors closed at the beginning of March due to the corona pandemic. However, car manufacturer BMW took the opportunity to present the latest corporate news to its audience via a virtual press conference. The technical aspects of the presentation from the BMW research centre in Munich were implemented by a team from our production group and ensured the smooth, on-site live stream of the informative event.

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